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Saturday, January 23, 2021
Javaneh Trading

Javaneh Trading and Industrial Company was established considering the need assessment conducted by the manager of Javaneh Mushroom Company as well as the necessity of a dynamic company in commercial and industrial fields in mushroom and compost production industries. The goal of establishment of this company in the industrial sector is to offer consultation and participation services in the field of establishment and equipment of mushroom growing farms and compost production plants throughout the country. Perspective of the activities of this company includes preservation and improvement of market share along with improvement of quality and technology, development of relevant production, commercial and industrial activities in domestic market and making effort towards influencing on foreign markets. This company tries to enjoy the most modern technologies of Europe and experiences and strong support of experienced engineers of company in different construction and production stages to be a pioneer in development and to localize this industry throughout our country so that we can achieve self-sufficiency in the shortest possible time in all establishment and commissioning stages of mushroom and compost production companies. Commercial section of this company supplies all raw materials required by mushroom growing farms and compost production units including covering soil, seed, compost, poultry manure, straw, gypsum powder, etc. with the highest quality.

Policy of the company includes facilitation of direct sale services of mushroom produced by different production units of Javaneh Company as well as supplying the necessities of producers directly without any intermediary and with the most appropriate price so that it can contribute in the sate mushroom industry.

Tel./Fax:  +98 21 65434007-8

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