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Saturday, January 23, 2021
  Too much can be detrimental
One of the standard procedures on mushroom farms is disinfecting the casing soil with formalin to destroy any bubble spores.
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  Spay enough after the 1st flush
The 1st flush gives the highest yields - 15 to 20 kg/m2 when hand-picked for the fresh market and between 18 to 26 kg/m2 when harvested mechanically, depending on the quality and grade.
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  Maximize bandwidth co2
Carbon dioxide is an inorganic chemical compound of carbon (C) and oxygen. It is colorless and odorless and occurs in the earth’s atmosphere.
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  Containment and eradication of diseases,By Rodney Barrett, December, 2013
Firstly you must start at the very beginning of the growing process and check the casing being used.
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  Mushrooms properties
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  Agaricus bisporus
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  IRAN, JUNE 2012
Mushroom growers and composters in Iran have been facing some problems recently. The lack of wheat straw and rising costs because of sanctions imposed on the country is only some of the hurdles for the industry.
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  Javaneh Emerging
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